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My story about EMF (electromagnetic field) radiation.

A Gaussmeter measures EMF. EMF is magnetic radiation caused by electro forces. Electric wires in the wall especially if they are unbalanced can cause a net current ie: more in one that in the other, together there is a net amount. Normally you have hot and neutral, current through one causes a rotational field of magnetic flux, the return current through the other has an opposite flow and direction of this flux thus canceling each other out.

In the case of my office in Pasadena, it was wired by someone that was the low bidder who saved money by cheaping out on the number of wires used. In one circuit there were 5 hots and 3 neutrals (12 wires in that 1 conduit) of which 2 hots and 1 neutral went through some conduit 3 ft to the left of where my desk is, from the floor up over my head to the light switch. This neutral was also shared with the downstairs circuit, there was a net current through the conduit of from 3.5 amps normally to 6.5 amps when they had the floor heater on downstairs. At 1 meter the calculations are 14 mg to 22 mg and such was measured. I was subjected to this for about 3.5 years, the higher amount in the winter only. When I finally figured it out was around Nov 2001. I was getting weaker each day and got to where I could not focus on the monitor well, the center of my vision was going away and I had many floaters. The monitor was a 17" set at 60 Hz refresh with a very slight flicker all the time. I got a new pro model Samsung 19" set at 85 Hz refresh and noticed that it flickered like crazy but not when set at 60 Hz. So the other monitor was hiding the emf problem in that office because it was in sync with the 60hz of the line current.

I brought an am radio to the office and it would be very noisy in that office but not in the other rooms and really bad near the wall and ceiling. I then went out and bought an emf meter (cellsensor, analog meter, single axis, $42.00) and measured very high readings only in that office and the hallway. It would blink and beep like crazy even on the high setting. I did much research and talked to other engineer friends who tell me it is unconceivable to have that much emf. So I bought a digital emf meter (A.W. Sperry EMF-200A, single axis, $60.00) and proved it. I was getting over 199 mg at the wall about 2" from the conduit behind sheetrock. It went off the scale about an inch from the wall.

The boss/owner tells me I am crazy and that "it is impossible, the wires are in conduit". I tell him that nothing can shield magnetic fields. I tell him to look at my monitor and showed him some data from the net but he denied it all. He would not get an electrician in to fix it because he is told that it is not possible. I move to another room for a couple months where it is only 6-9 mg yet 28 to anyone standing in the hallway. Then I talk to the city of LA guy that is in charge of emf and he says that can happen and gives me some clues to search on namely the words "net current". Normally he would come out and check it out but he cannot do anything about it in this case, because I am in Pasadena, He did not know of any electricians that he could refer. So I call the Pasadena dwp and they tell me they know nothing about it nor can do anything about it. I needed someone professional to come out and just fix it or to verify it to prove to the boss but no one knows this stuff.

Over 2 weeks I called and talked to about 30 electricians in the area, not a one knew the term emf and that I must be crazy, only 1 had a clue after I explained it to him. So I got him and his son out to check it out, he even had an older meter that he had never really used because he never saw the problem before but got the meter just incase. He was astounded by the high readings, I had to train him some on the net current part and to get his current clamp out and voila we saw current around the conduit which should have been none. They took several outlets apart and could not figure out where or what wire was causing the problem, these things are a real rats nest as to what wire goes where. There were already two wires more than should be in one conduit coming from the fuse box yet not enough neutrals. He said the only thing he could do was run another conduit and rewire the whole thing taking maybe a few thousand $ of work, open ended. The boss was flipping out about this and I am like well I cannot work here then. Finally I figured that there was emf in the hall wall switch and trace down the wall to downstairs, I pull that outlet open and see current through 1 white wire and suggest for the electrician to disconnect that one wire. he does and all the emf goes away.

Now the emf is 1 - 1.5 mg where I sit and most of that is coming from the monitor. Normally the emf falls off very rapidly relative to distance from the source (inverse square) but it did not do that in this case, the entire room was reeking with emf. The cause was later figured out by me as a resonance of current in a very high frequency because of the different lengths of wires in all the circuits, multiple T connections etc. It was basically a large tank circuit with current loops in addition the wire surrounded the room. The NEC code book states that all neutral and hot wires should be exactly the same length in a given circuit which was not near the case here. I acquired the NEC in digital format and did a search and the terms EMF and magnetic field are just not in it. No wonder electricians do not know about this problem. Resonance with wire lengths was in the NEC book.

A note of measuring emf with a single axis meter: you take readings in the x, y and z axis and then to total it would be the sum of vectors or (x^2 + y^2 + z^2)^.5 which is the square root of the sum of the squares of all the vectors or roughly 20% higher than the highest reading.

Anyway a year later my vision is a bit better than it was then but not back to normal yet. Health is better but not normal yet. High emf means anything over 2 mg for any extended amount of time and is deemed undesirable by all reports by any GOV agency with 2 mg causing leukemia and having been proved. No one has any studies on anything greater than 2 mg. Sweden and Russia have laws that it cannot be higher than .5 in the workplace or lower. The high tension lines about a half mile from here have 23 mg right under them where there are many vegetables being grown or construction stuff parked and a very expensive private school just the other side of it.

Many normal household devices emit high emf, anything with a motor or transformer, microwave ovens, TV's, clock radios, sewing machines, florescent lights, water bed heaters, electric blankets etc but the emf falls off rapidly with distance so 3 feet and you are pretty much ok normally. The water bed heaters, electric blankets is a big problem that not everyone knows about, they could be rectified or dc to minimize the emf but those companies have not figured that out yet.

The guy in the office opposite me had from 4-7 mg under the same conditions and had been there for several years longer but not near as much emf as I yet way over the recommended 2 mg limit. About the time I found out about the emf he was diagnosed with prostrate cancer and had surgery to remove it. He has been telling me of emotional problems with his daughter (she is about 17 now) for years, she had clinical depression and associated anxiety causing her to keep to herself and shun contacts with other people. I told him to check out his house and he found that it was 10 mg where his daughter slept at her head. He said that the electrical box for the house was exactly on the other side of that wall. It took a few weeks for him to get his daughters bed moved away from there but guess what, now a year later she has no problems, not going to the shrink anymore and is participating in school now. Just how many others out there are affected by this hidden problem?

One other thing is that I have to park on the roof of a parking structure and on top of the elevator is a cell tower by Sprint, I have been told. The bottom of those antennas are about 6 feet away from my head for about 1-2 minutes every day. There are no Danger Signs nor any other signs about or near them. My cellsensor (the cheap one) is supposed to measure them but it does nothing. The sperry meter would not because it is band limited 30-400hz. I believe the Sprint network is about 1.6Ghz whereas normal cell is about 860Mhz which could explain the cellsensor not working for it is tuned to the normal freq. range. These cell antennas are being placed everywhere, in thousands of church steeples and trees etc all over, each 1-3 miles on a grid. Even more so because the different cell companies do not share antennas.

We are being poisoned

If anyone knows of regulations or parameters relating to cell towers then please email me.

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