Rules for trick or treating..
1. If your parents aren't available, then please wait for them.

2. Try to go to a school or church function or to a mall instead of house to house. (there are too many wierdo's out there now-a-days)

3. Try to Trick-or-Treat when there is still light outside.

4. Wear a costume that makes it easier for you to walk, see and be seen.

5. If you must go at night, make sure that your costume is light in color.

6. Carry a flashlight with you, so you can see and be seen easily.

7. Use retro-reflective tape on your costume to be seen easily.

8. Use makeup instead of a mask.

9. If someone older cannot go with you, Trick-or-Treat with a group.

10. Cross only at corners. Never cross between parked cars or mid-block.

11. Tell your family on which streets you will be Trick-or-Treating.

12. If there are no sidewalks, always walk facing traffic.

13. If you are unsure of what you have, don't eat it until your mom or dad check it out.

14. Never, Never, Never eat anything that isn't wrapped or bite any fruit that hasn't been checked out.

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