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Star Systems Mars Anaglyph and Java Panoramic Images

Get out yer 3D glasses, Red lens over Left Eye... All images have been modified for easy relaxed / non headache viewing. Click any of the images for a large version, 800 wide and about 80K bytes each except for the Panoramas, their stats are listed. You must have a Java compatible browser to view these images. Nasa has much the same images on display but I just had to do a little tweaking to them. Their camera setup is converged on infinity which makes the near field very hard to view. I have corrected for this, as much as possible, in these images here. I am trying to get ahold of the original "stereo pairs" so that I can make some decent images in the more proper Red-Right format.

Most of the aberatons / artifacts you see are because the original image data is composed of many images put together, when they assemble them at nasa they need to splice the pieces of the left image exactly the same as the right image which is very tough to do. Any slight difference, unnoticeable in either image will be amplified in the Anaglyph because that is how it is composed. Considering that the images came out of 2 different cameras, spaced several inches apart with different viewpoints, and out of hundreds of images to use which came in a linear feed from space a hundred thousand miles away with the possibility of pixel data dropout high, I believe they did an outstanding job.

Java Panorama viewer, image has been enhanced
viewer window is 600 pixels wide, image is 90K

Large version of the above
viewer window is 900 pixels wide, image is 210K

Java Panorama viewer, image has been 3D corrected
viewer window is 600 pixels wide, image is 113K

Large version of the above
viewer window is 900 pixels wide, image is 232K

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